we are trying to save them but Can we or Are we?

We have to do something right tomorrow otherwise they all will die!

It is the time of fierce winter with the rain to make it much worse. There is the six newborn puppy just right beneath my room’s window on the empty land just beside my house. Today there is heavy rain outside and I can hear the mild sound of crying all puppies.

Here in my area, there is almost no one who pets dogs so every day is a stray dog. They are in the open area just in the corner of the boundary of the cemented wall. For two weeks I am seeing them growing big but they are so small yet that they don’t eat pieces of bread yet. However, I try to give one piece of bread to them daily so that she can feed them milk and they can survive until they have warmth in their body. Hopelessly these days, I see cows putting their mouth in the trash so I can’t even imagine that dogs here have food to survive. There are many homes in the colony but I don’t see anybody caring for or feeding them.

Then I talked to my mother about how can I put a cardboard box or some thin plastic sheet on them to save them from rain and winter. I just thought about it and my father yelled at me and mother laughed it out and said to me female dog will bite me and my parents explained to me and that this is mother nature or god will save them and thousands of animal in the jungle right now and having a hard time to survive and I can not help them. I suspended the whole idea of helping puppies instantly to tomorrow morning.

Although I was denied to go outside the house in the rain I was secretly searching in the whole house to find some long polythene or big cardboard. As the intensity of the rain increased the crying voice of the puppies grows louder. I opened my window and that mild crying was now intense and that was very much able to melt the heart of any living being. It looked like there is no female dog beside and I thought I will go and put a polythene sheet on them and come back instantly. My mother suggested me to call my elder brother (cousin) who lives at a distance of few houses. He agreed to me and said come here and we will do something to help them.

I picked a piece of bread, cardboard, and long polythene with some holes in it but that was the best I could find in the house. I go to his house and he came out of the house with an umbrella. I picked a torch and thick stick to scare the female dog if she tries to bite us. Both of us then went to near the puppies and there were two eyes staring at us when I lit up the torch on her, First I could not understand if that was a puppy or a female dog but she was there. I took his umbrella and gave him a piece of bread and that thick stick.

Now my biggest worry was what if she bites us? This is the night time in a remote town and a good hospital is 40 Km away. I was saying to my brother please go slowly and don’t try to scare her and make it feel like we are not harming her puppies but I was very much afraid. It happened to me when I was young I was going near puppies to give them a piece of bread but the female dog came out of nowhere and tried to run after me. He said that dog knows whether we are harming her puppies or not so she won’t bite.

First of a few steps brother approached her she did nothing and my brother did not afraid at all as he is a 6' 5 inches long big man. but suddenly she started growling then he throws a piece of the bread, she sniffs it, but she did not eat the bread rather she continued growling to protect her puppies. I was standing some feet away behind my brother so we don’t scare the dog but My heart was pounding. When he was very close to the dog, she stood up and started barking loud and started running from there and she came behind me and started barking but now I scared her away. she ran away barking and looked like she was trying to gather other dogs for help. I said to my brother to do hurry in putting cardboard and polythene on puppies but he was relaxed and doing everything naturally so he took 1 minute or so and I was yelling please do hurry. I took a sigh of relief when we came away from there.

Fear at that time I was experiencing made me write it as a tradeoff between the goodness of help and risk in it. But now it is looking like the rain will continue the whole night and the sheets and cardboard won’t help much. we have to do something right tomorrow otherwise they will die all of them.

You ever have seen someone dying slowly? I am attending one! The noise of crying 6 puppies will almost kill me till morning. As rain is increasing its intensity the puppy's crying is becoming louder and louder. It has become so overwhelming now that I can wish to end their misery now and please give them peace, It would be better even if it is a death. Continous crying should of puppies is almost like several human babies and crying female dogs with them are making it worse. The worst part is I can not do a thing now It is 11:59 PM the night but they won’t stop. I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight.

Stop! Listen. Looks like the female dog is on the road and running in the colony begging for help to people to anybody but nobody is listening or coming out and with that, those babies won’t stop crying. These are crying louder and louder but the sound of thunderstorms will not let their voice dominate. Besides that, I am also fearing that what if they are entangled in the polythene sheet and cardboard that I have put in. I just wanna say to nature stop this nonsense that you doing in the form of the rain and thunderstorm, I can not bear it, poor souls can not take it. The only motivation for writing it down is the endless crying of dog babies.

Apparently, It looks like people were listening but ignoring because I am seeing some lights are being litten up. I just saw 3 people came out from the near house with umbrellas and a torch. when there was light for a few seconds I saw the female dog is long gone and she left them to die in “ The Alone”. They changed the position of puppies and put them under a shadow of a not so dense tree and cover them with a plastic-like bag. These newly awakened people have gone inside the house saying that “Sorry we can not take them in, cause if we did, The female dog will search for them”. They may be having less rain on them now but the ground is all in the water where they are put now. They are still crying but now their sounds are a little bit less. As soon as I write this the rain is again so heavy that it wants to say I have to kill y’all today. There is no mercy today.

Until I can hear the sound of babies, It means they are alive yet going into the mouth of death slowly but are not they very little for that. Yes, they are, just two weeks born, but this is nature and It is not fair. My soul wants to go there and put all the babies in the back-pack and take them inside the house. The thing is these puppies are back of my house, So If I have to go there I have to cross some 5–10 house. and there can be a group of dogs or a female dog and she can attack me thinking I am doing harm to these puppies.

I am seeing these babies for two weeks, I must have do some arrangement for shelter in the day when there was no rain. There was still winter then, I could have saved them from the misery they are going through right now. But I did not and I am regretting it, I will regret it. The voice of babbies is fading away and they are not able to scream now as they were some 5 Minutes ago, Looks like the rain has slowed down or they are losing a life. Neither I know nor I wanna know, just make it go away, put me and them out of the misery.

After this night, I won’t wish that there should be rain so that I can enjoy the rainy weather from the comforts of my warm bed. That rain and theater can be the last day of some souls on this planet. People are still sleeping in these cries, time is still ticking and It will but May this article be the voice of the babbies of the dog, Or Could it inspire sleeping humans to help the deaf souls of this planet.