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  1. Nokia:

1.1 Technical Interview experience questions (friends)

Implementation of link list
Insert in end & beginning, Deletion at start and at end
Largest palindrome substring
Oops Concepts
BST add new node function implementation
Find Loop in linked list
Sieve of Eratosthenes

1.2 Nokia First Technical Interview Questions( ME)

command for FTP connect, upload, download

1. search in the unsorted array
2. count the frequency of char in a string

1. work-time
2. ratio-age

computer networking:
1. OSI and TCP/IP model
2. explain each layer of OSI
3. Hub, switch and…

We have to do something right tomorrow otherwise they all will die!

It is the time of fierce winter with the rain to make it much worse. There is the six newborn puppy just right beneath my room’s window on the empty land just beside my house. Today there is heavy rain outside and I can hear the mild sound of crying all puppies.

Here in my area, there is almost no one who pets dogs so every day is a stray dog. They are in the open area just in the corner of the boundary of the cemented wall. For two weeks I am seeing them growing big but they are…

Things that you should not do in HR Interview

At this point in time, I have given two HR Interviews of Mahindra-Comviva and L&T InfoTech and Sadly I rejected for both interviews. These are the points I would improve if I could go in the past.

  1. Don’t do lots of “Hmm/Aaan…” Sound while speaking this will depict a bad Communication Style.
  2. Don’t act very naïve. Please show maturity in your understandings
  3. Don’t include “I am a fresher…” in the statements. They are selecting you to be a candidate that could do the job. …

Hey Story, I am shocked today and you asked why? I have given an HR interview for a job role that I wanted to work for and I got rejected. Rejection is not the thing that shocks me but when both of the interviews gone “excellent” and it was too obvious that I will get in and then I did not, is the thing that I am talking about.

I am good at reading and learning things from childhood and I have marked the milestone that I am also proud of. …

2 Minute Blogs

git init: initialize an empty repo

git clone <link to the repo>: cloning the repo

touch newfile.txt: create newfile.txt

Now edit the file and ctrl+Y then choose Y

git add newfile.txt: changes moved to the staging area

git commit -m “Add text in the file”: changes moved to local

git push -u origin: for pushing code to remote

changes can be seen in the UI of GitHub or GitLab

change the text in this file by UI of GitHub or Gitlab and Commit the change by UI of GitHub or GitLab

change the text in newfile.txt …

Crio.Do Build Real Productions Hands-On.

But Who is Crio: When the quality of learning methods started degrading in “Storms of Videos” and learning became equal to watching videos pointlessly then the Entity that came to existence to save “students of future” is CRIO.

Who are you: I am your fellow, a person who is in cs, maybe prior to or same to your timeline of learning computer science. My name is Vipul Krishna Mathuria and If we are doing it with college then I am final year Student in B.Tech CS in NIT Jalandhar.

But Why Should I believe you: Neither I want to you…

Vipul Krishna Mathuria

I am a final year Undergraduate of Computer Science B- Tech in NIT Jalandhar. Softwares fascinated me from my early adulthood.

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